A Private Matter is a UK VHS release by Columbia TriStar Home Video on 1993

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  • Gary Oldman as Count Dracula / Vlad the Impaler
  • Winona Ryder as Mina Harker (née Murray) / Elisabeta
  • Anthony Hopkins as Professor Abraham Van Helsing / Priest / Principal Narrator
  • Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker
  • Richard E. Grant as Dr Jack Seward
  • Cary Elwes as Sir Arthur Holmwood
  • Billy Campbell as Quincey P. Morris
  • Sadie Frost as Lucy Westenra
  • Tom Waits as R. M. Renfield
  • Monica Bellucci as Dracula's Bride
  • Michaela Bercu as Dracula's Bride
  • Florina Kendrick as Dracula's Bride
  • Jay Robinson as Mr Hawkins

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