Aladdin's Magical Nursery Rhymes is a UK VHS release by Astrion on 7th November 1994.



  • Aladdin as Aladdin
  • Julie Wilson Nimmo as Miss Hoolie
  • Miles Jupp as Archie the Inventor
  • Buki Akib as Josie Jump
  • Juliet Cadzow as Edie McCredie
  • Andrew Agnew as PC Plum
  • Rodd Christensen as Spencer the Painter
  • Mary Riggans as Suzie Sweet
  • Kim Tserkezie as Penny Pocket
  • June Whitfield as June
  • Joanna Lumley as Joanna
  • Jennifer Saunders as Jennifer
  • Jane Horrocks as Jane


  • Dayle Hodge as Dayle
  • Katie Hunter as Katie
  • Rebecca Herod as Rebecca
  • Shantel Boothe as Shantel
  • Alex Henry as Alex
  • Katie Lewis as Katie

40 Songs and Nursery RhymesEdit

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