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Barney It's Time for Counting is a UK VHS release by PolyGram Video on 6th July 1998 and it got re-released by Hit Entertainment on 6th August 2001.


When the numbers are missing off Stella's alarm clock, Barney and the kids help search for the rest of the numbers. So, off to the school library, where they read some classic children's stories. When all the numbers are returned to the alarm clock, Stella has a very special surprise for Barney and his friends!


  • Ashley
  • Curtis
  • Kim
  • Kristen
  • Robert


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. A Hunting We Will Go
  3. A Great Day for Counting
  4. The Library
  5. The Gaggle, Giggle, Wiggle Dance
  6. My Yellow Blankey
  7. Here Kitty, Kitty
  8. Books Are Fun!
  9. You Can Count on Me
  10. Look at Me, I'm Three
  11. Farm Nursery Rhyme Medley: Little Bo Peep/Little Boy Blue/I Had a Little Hen/Hickety Pickety
  12. In Our Family
  13. I Love You

Trailers and info

Original 1998 release

  1. Barney Videos UK VHS Promo (12 Barney Video to Collect)
  2. Barney's Great Adventure Trailer

2001 Re-release