Body Bags is a UK VHS release by PolyGram Video on 3rd November 1997 and it got re-released by 4 Front Video and PolyGram Filmed Entertainment on 8th June 1998.

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"The Morgue"
  • John Carpenter as The Coroner
  • Tom Arnold as Morgue Worker #1
  • Tobe Hooper as Morgue Worker #2
"The Gas Station"
  • Robert Carradine as Bill
  • Alex Datcher as Anne
  • Wes Craven as Pasty-Faced Man
  • Sam Raimi as Dead Bill
  • David Naughton as Pete
  • Lucy Boryer as Peggy
  • George Buck Flower as Stranger
  • Peter Jason as Gent
  • Molly Cheek as Divorcee
  • Stacy Keach as Richard Coberts
  • David Warner as Dr. Lock
  • Sheena Easton as Megan
  • Dan Blom as Dennis
  • Gregory Nicotero as Man with dog
  • Kim Alexis as Woman with Beautiful Hair
  • Attila as Man with Beautiful Hair
  • Deborah Harry as The Nurse
  • Mark Hamill as Brent Matthews
  • Twiggy as Cathy Matthews
  • John Agar as Dr. Lang
  • Roger Corman as Dr. Bregman
  • Charles Napier as Baseball Team Manager
  • Eddie Velez as Baseball Player

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