Cop is a UK VHS release by 4 Front Video, Entertainment in Video and PolyGram Video on 15th March 1993.

Description Edit

Cast Edit

  • James Woods as Det.-Sgt. Lloyd Hopkins
  • Lesley Ann Warren as Kathleen McCarthy
  • Charles Durning as Dutch
  • Charles Haid as Haines
  • Raymond J. Barry as Captain Fred Gaffney
  • Randi Brooks as Joanie
  • Steven Lambert as Bobby Franco
  • Christopher Wynne as Jack Gibbs
  • Jan McGill as Jen Hopkins
  • Vicki Wauchope as Penny Hopkins
  • Melinda Lynch as Sarah Smith
  • John Petievich as the Deputy
  • Dennis Stewart as Lawrence 'Birdman' Henderson
  • Annie McEnroe as Amy Cranfield

Credits Edit

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