Crocodile Dundee is a UK VHS release by CBS/Fox Video on 1987 and 1989. It got re-released by 4 Front Video, CBS/Fox Video, Fox Video and PolyGram Video on 4th May 1992.

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  • Paul Hogan as Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee
  • Linda Kozlowski as Sue Charlton
  • John Meillon as Walter Reilly
  • David Gulpilil as Neville Bell
  • Mark Blum as Richard Mason
  • Michael Lombard as Sam Charlton
  • Reginald VelJohnson as Gus
  • Terry Gill as Duffy
  • Steve Rackman as Donk
  • Gerry Skilton as Nugget
  • David Bracks as Burt (roo shooter)
  • Peter Turnbull as Trevor
  • Rik Colitti as Danny
  • Christine Totos as Rosita
  • Graham 'Grace' Walker as Angelo
  • Caitlin Clarke as Simone
  • Nancy Mette as Karla
  • John Snyder as Pimp
  • Anne Carlisle as Gwendoline
  • Anne Francine as Fran
  • Paige Matthews as Party Girl
  • Paul Greco as New Yorker

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