Dark Angel is a UK VHS release by 4 Front Video, Entertainment in Video and PolyGram Video on 5th October 1992. It got re-released by 4 Front Video, Entertainment in Video and Karussell on 15th March 1993.

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  • Dolph Lundgren as Detective Jack Caine, a Houston police detective investigating a string of drug-related murders.
  • Brian Benben as Special Agent Arwood "Larry" Smith, an FBI agent and Caine's new partner.
  • Betsy Brantley as Diane Pallone, a coroner and Caine's girlfriend.
  • Matthias Hues as Talec, an extraterrestrial drug dealer.
  • Jay Bilas as Azeck, an extraterrestrial police officer. Unlike Talec, he is fluent in English.
  • Jim Haynie as Captain Malone, Caine's boss.
  • David Ackroyd as Inspector Switzer, Smith's boss.
  • Sherman Howard as Victor Manning, a white collar drug dealer and boss of the White Boys.
  • Sam Anderson as Warren, underboss of the White Boys.
  • Alex Morris as Detective Ray Turner, Caine's original partner. He is killed by the White Boys during a sting operation.

The film also stars Mark Lowenthal as Bruce, an eccentric and paranoid scientist; Michael J. Pollard as Boner, a petty criminal; Jesse Vint as McMurphy, Talec's first victim; Mimi Cochran as a car mechanic; Jack Willis as a liquor store owner; Tony Brubaker as a garage sweeper; Brandon Smith as a market clerk; and Al Leong (credited as Albert Leong) as a luggage salesman who tries to rip-off the White Boys.

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