Dinosaurs: The Movie is a UK VHS release by 4 Front Video and Guild Home Video on 15th March 1993.

Description Edit

Cast Edit

  • Omri Katz as Timmy
  • Tiffanie Poston as Jamie
  • Shawn Hoffman as Mick
  • Pete Koch as Link
  • Megan Hughes as Missy
  • Kimberly Beck as Chanteuse
  • Irwin Keyes as Guard #1
  • Barney Burman as Guard #2
  • David Winter as Guard #3
  • Sebastian Massa as Bear
  • Mimi Maynard as Dana
  • Steven Anderson as Gil
  • Kevin Thompson as Mr. Small

Voices Edit

  • Patrick Labyorteaux as Rex, Mr. Big
  • David Jolliffe as Tops
  • Rob Sherwood as Forry
  • Spike Miller as Bartender
  • Paul Eiding as King

In-suit performers Edit

  • Tony Doyle as Rex
  • Marc Martorana as Tops
  • Don Barnes as King
  • R. A. Mihailoff as Mr. B

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