Fun Song Factory - Music is a UK VHS release by Universal on 11th October 1999.

Presenters Edit

  • Dave Benson Phillips (all episodes)
  • Katy Stephens (Music & Wild Animals)
  • Justin Fletcher (Music & Wild Animals)
  • Alex Lovell (Creepy Crawlies)

Children Edit

  • Alice Connor (Music)
  • Jade Jeffries (Music)
  • Mikayla Jones (Music)
  • Jamie Meyer (Music)
  • Mirren McLeod (Music)
  • Myles Anderson (Creepy Crawlies)
  • Jenny Cachero (Creepy Crawlies)
  • Jade Chaston (Creepy Crawlies)
  • Isabella Cheevers (Creepy Crawlies)
  • Elizabeth Robert (Creepy Crawlies)
  • Kizzi Carnegie (Wild Animals)
  • Yasmin Hickson (Wild Animals)
  • Dayle Hodge (Wild Animals)
  • William Stokes (Wild Animals)
  • Caroline Ward (Wild Animals)

Episodes Edit

  • Music 14th November 1998
  • Creepy Crawlies 21st November 1998
  • Wild Animals 28th November 1998

Songs in MusicEdit

  1. Music Man
  2. Come On Feel the Music
  3. When We're Singing
  4. It's the Music Box
  5. Rhythm of the Music

Songs in Creepy CrawliesEdit

  1. There Are Lots of Creepy Crawlies All Around
  2. Wiggly Woo
  3. Ringo's Beetle Song
  4. Caterpillars Only Crawl
  5. Mrs Ladybird
  6. Insects Poem
  7. Incy Wincy Spider
  8. Five Little Spiders
  9. The Minibeasts Song

Songs in Wild AnimalsEdit

  1. The Four Corners of the World Song
  2. One Elephant One Fine Day
  3. A Crocodile Swam in the Water
  4. The Bear Went Over the Mountain
  5. Look After the World
  6. Down in the Jungle
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