George and Mildred is a UK VHS release by 4 Front Video, ITC and Karussell on 1994.

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  • Yootha Joyce as Mildred Roper
  • Brian Murphy as George Roper
  • Stratford Johns as Harry Pinto
  • Norman Eshley as Jeffrey Fourmile
  • Sheila Fearn as Ann Fourmile
  • Kenneth Cope as Harvey
  • David Barry as Elvis
  • Sue Bond as Marlene
  • Nicholas Bond-Owen as Tristram Fourmile
  • Neil McCarthy as Eddie
  • Dudley Sutton as Jacko
  • Garfield Morgan as Bridges
  • Harry Fowler as Fisher
  • Bruce Montague as Spanish businessman
  • Michael Angelis as Café proprietor
  • Hugh Walters as Waiter
  • Johnnie Wade as Porter
  • John Carlin as Casino Supervisor
  • Suzanne Owens as Croupier
  • Bridget Brice as Receptionist
  • Robin Parkinson as Receptionist
  • Roger Avon as Commissionaire
  • Dennis Ramsden as Bishop

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