Harry's Game is a UK VHS release by Castle Vision on 2nd October 1989.

Description Edit

"Harry's Game is a tale of two killers. One is Billy Downes, cold-blooded assassin of a British Cabinet minister. The other is Harry Brown, Captain by rank with orders to eliminate the IRA hitman in his own backyard – the Falls Road, Belfast.
Both men believe their cause is just. But only one can win. Harry's Game – to find the identity of killer and destroy him before his own cover is blown.
With powerful performances from Ray Lonnen and Derek Thompson as the deadly opponents, one-time ITN reporter Gerald Seymour's tale of man against man has all the ingredients to keep you on the edge of your seat right to the last moment.
Harry's Game – as compulsive and unforgettable as Clannad's haunting theme music."

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Director Lawrence Gordon Clark
Producer Keith Richardson
Executive Producer David Cunliffe

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