Legends of the Fall is a UK VHS release by Columbia TriStar Home Video on 15th April 1996.

Description Edit

Cast Edit

  • Brad Pitt as Tristan Ludlow
    • Keegan MacIntosh as Young Tristan Ludlow
      • Eric Johnson as Teen Tristan Ludlow
  • Anthony Hopkins as Col. William Ludlow
  • Aidan Quinn as Alfred Ludlow
  • Julia Ormond as Susannah Fincannon-Ludlow
  • Henry Thomas as Samuel Ludlow
  • Karina Lombard as Isabel "Isabel II" Decker/Isabel Decker Ludlow
    • Sekwan Auger as Young Isabel II Decker
  • Gordon Tootoosis as One Stab
  • Christina Pickles as Isabel Ludlow
  • Paul Desmond as Roscoe Decker
  • Tantoo Cardinal as Pet Decker
  • Robert Wisden as John T. O'Banion
  • John Novak as James O'Banion
  • Kenneth Welsh as Sheriff Tynert
  • Bart the Bear as the Bear

Credits Edit

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