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Mac and Me is a UK VHS release by 4 Front Video, Guild Home Video and PolyGram Video on 15th March 1993.


Mac is a Mysterious Alien Creature, An alien boy, Separated from his family after they are brought to Earth by a Space Probe. Eric is the ten year old boy who becomes his friend after Mac stows away in his family's van, While they are on their way to a new home in California. Mac & Me is the story of how Eric helps his new friend to avoud the government agents. and aids him in the search for his lost family.


  • Jade Calegory as Eric Cruise. Calegory has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair in real life
  • Christine Ebersole as Janet Cruise
  • Jonathan Ward as Michael Cruise
  • Katrina Caspary as Courtney
  • Lauren Stanley as Debbie
  • Barbara Allyne Bennet as Scientist
  • Martin West as Wickett
  • Danny Cooksey as Jack, Jr.
  • Squire Fridell as Ronald McDonald
  • Jennifer Aniston and Nikki Cox appear as uncredited extras