Madeline is a UK VHS release by Columbia TriStar Home Video on 12th July 1999 and it got re-released by Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment on 7th April 2003.



The childrenEdit

  • Hatty Jones as Madeline
  • Kristian De La Osa as Pepito
  • Clare Thomas as Aggie
  • Bianca Strohmann as Victoria
  • Rachel Dennis as Lucinda
  • Eloise Eonnet as Sylvette
  • Morgane Farcat as Marie-Odile
  • Pilar Garrard as Beatrice
  • Emilie Jessula as Elizabeth
  • Alice Lavaud as Veronica
  • Christina Mangani as Chantal
  • Jessica Mason as Serena
  • Alix Ponchon as Lulu

The adultsEdit

  • Frances McDormand as Miss Clavel
  • Nigel Hawthorne as Lord "Cucuface" Covington
  • Stéphane Audran as Lady Marie-Gilberte Covington
  • Arturo Venegas as Mr. Spanish Ambassador
  • Katia Caballero as Mrs. Spanish Ambassador
  • Katia Tchenko as Mrs. Uzbekistani Ambassador
  • Chantal Neuwirth as Hélène the cook
  • Ben Daniels as Leopold the tutor
  • Emil Abossolo-Mbo as Circus Barker
  • Julien Maurel as Idiot Popovov no. 1
  • George Harris as Mr. Liberian Ambassador

Trailers and infoEdit

  1. Video Piracy Warning (Columbia TriStar Home Video/2020 Vision)
  2. This is DVD (Advert)
  3. Muppets from Space
  4. Buster & Chauncey's Silent Night (Available Only from Columbia TriStar Home Video)
  5. Jim Henson's The Storyteller (Coming on Video)
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