Making Friends with the Fun Song Factory is a UK VHS release by Universal on 12th July 1999 and it got re-release by Universal on 16th June 2003.

Presenters Edit

  • Dave Benson Phillips (all episodes)
  • Katy Stephens (Making Friends & Senses)
  • Justin Fletcher (Making Friends)
  • Alex Lovell (Water)
  • Karl Woolley (Senses)

Children Edit

  • Kizzi Carnegie (Making Friends & Senses)
  • Jamie Mayer (Making Friends & Water)
  • Sapphire Elia (Making Friends)
  • Myles Anderson (Making Friends & Senses)
  • Jenny Cachero (Making Friends & Senses)
  • Caroline Ward (Making Friends)
  • Alice Connor (Water & Senses)
  • Jade Jeffries (Water)
  • Mikayla Jones (Water)
  • Mirren McLeod (Water)
  • Jade Chaston (Senses)

Episodes Edit

  • Making Friends 10th January 1998
  • Water 5th December 1998
  • Senses 11th July 1998

Songs in Making FriendsEdit

  1. Do As I'm Doing
  2. Everybody Do This
  3. We're Really Glad You Came
  4. One Finger, One Thumb
  5. Copy Me Do
  6. If You Want to Make a Friend

Songs in WaterEdit

  1. Open and Shut Them
  2. Wash Your Dirty Hands
  3. The Rain Song
  4. This is the Bread that Jack Makes
  5. Five Little Ducks that I Once Knew
  6. Five Little Speckled Frogs
  7. Bobby Shaftoe
  8. A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea

Songs in SensesEdit

  1. Everybody Do This
  2. Country Sounds
  3. Put Your Hands in the Box
  4. Five Chocolate Eclairs
  5. Looking Through the Telescope
  6. The Senses Song

Trailers and Info Edit

  1. Maisy UK VHS Promo (Coming to ITV Spring 1999) (Short Version)
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