Man's Best Friend is a UK VHS release by Guild Home Video on 7th November 1994.



  • Ally Sheedy as Lori Tanner, a TV personality who becomes Max's adoptive owner.
  • Lance Henriksen as Dr. Jarret, a scientist at EMAX who is Max's original owner and tormentor.
  • Robert Costanzo as Detective Frankie Kovacs, a detective who investigates Max.
  • Fredric Lehne as Perry, Lori's boyfriend and Max's arch-rival. Max's second tormentor and near victim.
  • John Cassini as Detective Emilio Bendetti, a detective who investigates Max
  • J.D. Daniels as Rudy, Lori's young next-door neighbor.
  • William Sanderson as Ray, a junkyard operator, Max's fifth tormentor and victim.
  • Trula M. Marcus as Annie
  • Robin Frates as Judy Sanders, an employee at EMAX who is killed by Max.
  • Frank Welker as the vocal effects of Max, a genetically altered Tibetan Mastiff and also Ed, a parrot owned by Perry.
  • Rick Barker as Mailman, Max's fourth tormentor and victim.
  • Mickey Cassidy as Paperboy, Max's third tormentor.
  • Thomas Rosales, Jr. as Mugger, a man who robs Lori and becomes Max's second victim.


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