My Favourite Nursery Rhymes is a UK VHS release by MCEG/Virgin Video on 6th April 1992, It got re-released by VVL on 15th March 1993 and it got re-released by Universal on 22nd July 2002.

Description Edit

Cast Edit

  • Nick Dricktrion as Nick
  • Alex Lovell as Alex
  • Katy Stephens as Katy
  • Dave Benson Phillips as Dave
  • John Cunliffe as John
  • Karl Woolley as Karl
  • Justin Fletcher as Justin
  • Pat Hutchins as Pat
  • Iain Lauchlan as Iain
  • Sarah Davison as Sarah
  • Michelle Durler as Michelle

Children Edit

  • Brian Eppes as Michael
  • Rickey Carter as Derek
  • Pia Manalo as Min
  • Lauren King as Kathy
  • Jessica Zucha as Tina
  • Leah Gloria as Luci
  • John David Bennett, II as Shawn

33 Songs and Nursery Rhymes Edit

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