No Escape is a UK VHS release by Guild Home Video on 10th October 1994 and 29th April 1996.

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  • Ray Liotta as John Robbins
  • Lance Henriksen as The Father
  • Stuart Wilson as Marek
  • Kevin Dillon as Casey
  • Kevin J. O'Connor as Stephano
  • Don Henderson as Killian
  • Ian McNeice as King
  • Jack Shepherd as Dysart
  • Michael Lerner as Warden
  • Ernie Hudson as Hawkins
  • Russell Kiefel as Iceman
  • Brian M. Logan as Scab
  • Cheuk-Fai Chan as Skull
  • David Wenham as Hotel Guard
  • David Argue as the Cellmate

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Rental 1994 Re-release Edit

  1. Renaissance Man
  2. Needful Things
  3. RoboCop 3
  4. North
  5. Video Piracy Warning (Guild Home Video)
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