Party Party is a UK VHS release by 4 Front Video on 6th April 1998.

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  • Daniel Peacock – Toby, the sad sack of the trio, who has a huge crush on Brenda
  • Karl Howman – Johnny Reeve, the operator and ladies' man who is on the prowl
  • Perry Fenwick – Larry, the organizer of the party who was expecting to have it off with his sometime girlfriend Sharon
  • Sean Chapman – Sam Diggins, a police constable (PC) who has a thing for Rebecca yet also flirts with Brenda
  • Phoebe Nicholls – Rebecca, a PC who likes toying with Sam and Bobby but has a thing for Johnny
  • Gary Olsen – Terry, a PC who wants to get so drunk that he is "paralytic" and can forget his ex-girlfriend after their three-year relationship just ended
  • Clive Mantle – Bobby a physically large neighborhood bully who was arrested by Rebecca a week prior for brawling in the streets, likes bragging about fighting
  • Caroline Quentin – Shirley, a cute, plump, brunette, and sensitive girl who has yet to have a serious boyfriend and is best mates with Brenda
  • Kim Thomson – Brenda, a cute, thin, and blonde girl, best mate of Shirley, has a thing for Sam and the organist at the church.
  • Kate Williams – Mum, stock British comedy mother, has to put up with a husband with a wandering eye.
  • Ken Farrington – Dad, has a collection of porn in the pottery shed and flirts blatantly with other women at each New Year's Eve party.
  • Philip Martin Brown – Tony, a lesser mate of Larry's who used to date Tonya, but just got engaged to Sharon.
  • Annabel Mednick – Sonya, Tony's ex-girlfriend who wants him back now
  • Sallyanne Law – Sharon, Larry's former sometime girlfriend who is now engaged to Tony
  • Sarah London – Sally
  • Paul Mari – Phil
  • Harvey Hillyer – Den
  • Michele Winstanley – Christine
  • Peter Lovstrom – Steve
  • Robin Hayter – Pete
  • Debby Bishop – Skirts (as Debbie Bishop)
  • Nick Berry – Ralph
  • Ann Somers – Ralph's Girl
  • Sharon Maiden – Steph
  • Geoffrey Drew – Vicar
  • Graham Weston – Sergeant
  • Pat Ashton – Johnny's Mum

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