Paul Merton - Live at the Palladium is a UK VHS release by PolyGram Video and Thames Video on 1995, it got re-released by 4 Front Video and Thames Video on 4th November 1996.

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Captured live on stage at London's Palladium, this is a riatous show from Paul Merton, the first comedian of his generation to perform at the legendary venue. Returning to his roots of live performing, Paul Merton gives a dazzlingly inventive stage performance, highlighting his unique humour, his highly original views on life, and his love of the absurd. A show ranging from his acclaimed solo observations to sketches in which he is joined on stage by members of the Comedy Store Players, Lee Simpson and Richard Vranch - which prove that his ability for spontaneous and hilarious improvisation remains unmatched. Now viewers can judge for themselves the performance of the man who is acknowledged as one of the finest wits and top comedians in the country.. live at the Palladium.

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