Popeye - Olive Oyl's Army is a UK VHS release by Castle Hendring on 2nd October 1989. It got re-released by Castle Vision on 4th June 1990.

Description Edit

Follow the trail of the lovable hornpipe hero as he whistles and puffs his way into Olive Oyl's favour and our hearts in 8 further adventures starring the happy-go-lucky sailorman.

There's trouble in store when Private Olive Oyl and Alice go into training, Sergeant Bluto is let loose in a tank, Corporal Popeye downs an urgent can of spinach and Swee'pea takes a sudden fancy to parachuting. But surprise is the order of the day as Olive and Alice come through with flying colours in...

Episodes Edit

  1. Top Kick in Boot Camp
  2. Computer Chaos
  3. Snow Fooling
  4. Infink-Try
  5. Goon Hollywood
  6. Goon Balloon
  7. Private Secretaries
  8. Troop Therapy

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1990 Re-release Edit

The Castle Vision: Big Fun Videos for Children trailer from 1990 with clips of "The Wombles", "Popeye", "Flash Gordon", "Krazy Kat", "Mighty Mouse", "Blue Peter", "Cool McCool", "Beetle Bailey", "Gophers", "Heckle & Jeckle", "Quacula", "Buzzy the Funny Crow", "Rocky Hollow", "Aladdin & His Magic Lamp" and "The Ark Stories". (£4.99 SRP, At all leading High Street Video Stockists Now!)

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