Remains of the Day is a UK VHS release by Columbia TriStar Home Video on 7th February 1994 and 7th November 1994.

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  • Anthony Hopkins as Mr. James Stevens
  • Emma Thompson as Miss Sarah "Sally" Kenton (later Mrs Benn)
  • James Fox as Lord Darlington
  • Christopher Reeve as Congressman Jack Lewis
  • Peter Vaughan as Mr William Stevens ("Mr Stevens, Sr")
  • Hugh Grant as Reginald Cardinal (Lord Darlington's godson)
  • John Haycraft as Auctioneer
  • Caroline Hunt as Landlady
  • Michael Lonsdale as Dupont d'Ivry
  • Paula Jacobs as Mrs Mortimer
  • Ben Chaplin as Charlie
  • Steve Dibben as George (footman no. 2)
  • Abigail Harrison as Housemaid
  • Rupert Vansittart as Sir Geoffrey Wren
  • Patrick Godfrey as Spencer
  • Peter Halliday as Canon Tufnell
  • Peter Cellier as Sir Leonard Bax
  • Frank Shelley as Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain
  • Peter Eyre as Lord Halifax
  • Terence Bayler as Trimmer
  • Hugh Sweetman as Scullery Boy
  • Tony Aitken as Postmaster
  • Emma Lewis as Elsa
  • Joanna Joseph as Irma
  • Tim Pigott-Smith as Tom Benn
  • Lena Headey as Lizzie
  • Pip Torrens as Doctor Carlisle
  • Brigitte Kahn as a German Baroness
  • Wolf Kahler as German Ambassador Joachim von Ribbentrop

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  1. Video Piracy Warning (Columbia TriStar Home Video)
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