Scum is a UK VHS release by 4 Front Video, Odyssey Video and Karussell on 1993.




  • Ray Winstone as Carlin
  • Mick Ford as Archer
  • Julian Firth as Davis
  • John Blundell as Banks
  • Phil Daniels as Richards
  • Ray Burdis as Eckersley
  • Alan Igbon as Meakin
  • John Fowler as Woods
  • Patrick Murray as Dougan
  • Herbert Norville as Toyne
  • George Winter as Rhodes
  • Alrick Riley as Angel
  • Philip DaCosta as Jackson
  • Peter Francis as Baldy
  • Andrew Paul as Betts
  • Sean Chapman as James
  • Ozzie Stevens as Smith
  • Ricky Wales as Chambers
  • James Lombard as Jameson
  • Perry Benson as Formby
  • John Rogan as Escort
  • Danny John-Jules as Baldy's Lookout (uncredited)

Borstal staffEdit

  • Peter Howell as The Governor
  • John Judd as Mr. Sands
  • Philip Jackson as Mr. Greaves
  • John Grillo as Mr. Goodyear
  • Bill Dean as Mr. Duke
  • P. H. Moriarty as Mr. Hunt
  • Nigel Humphreys as Mr. Taylor
  • Jo Kendall as Matron
  • James Donnelly as Mr. Whittle
  • Joe Fordham as Reg
  • Ian Liston as Mr. White
  • Charles Rayford as Mr. Philpott
  • Ray Jewers as Gym Instructor


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