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Sesame Songs Home Video - Rock & Roll is a Australia VHS release by VDI on 14th December 1992.



Transcript Rock 'N' Roll[]

Opening (Original 1992 release) (with no trailer)[]

  • VDI Warning Screen
  • VDI Ident
  • G rating Screen
  • Children's Television Workshop logo
  • Sesame Songs Home Video - Sesame Songs Presents - Rock & Roll! intro
  • Start of Rock & Roll! (1990)

Closing (Original 1992 release) (with no trailer)[]

  • End of Rock & Roll! (1990) - Sesame Songs Home Video Closing Credits "Sesame Street," the "Sesame Street" sign and the "Sesame Songs Home Video" logo are trademarks and service marks of the Children's Television Workshop (silent)