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Stay Tuned is a UK VHS release by Warner Home Video on 21st June 1993. It got re-released by Braveworld on 15th November 1993 and it got re-released by PolyGram Video on 18th April 1994.



  • John Ritter as Roy Knable
  • Pam Dawber as Helen Knable
  • Jeffrey Jones as Spike
  • David Tom as Darryl Knable
  • Heather McComb as Diane Knable
  • Bob Dishy as Murray Seidenbaum
  • Eugene Levy as Crowley
  • Erik King as Pierce
  • Don Calfa as Wetzel
  • Susan Blommaert as Ducker
  • Don Pardo as Game Show Announcer
  • Lou Albano as Ring Announcer
  • Salt as Herself
  • Pepa as Herself
  • DJ Spinderella as Herself


Opening (Rental 1993 Re-release)[]

  • Video Piracy Warning (Warner Home Video) [announced by John Cunliffe]
  • Warner Home Video A Time Warner Company Ident (1990) (Forward)
  • Coming Soon (Warner Home Video) title card
  • The Bodyguard trailer
  • Unforgiven trailer [announced by Don LaFontaine]
  • Singles trailer [announced by Don Johnson]
  • First Independent Ident (silent)
  • Mom And Dad Save The World Trailer [announced by Dave Benson Phillips]
  • Mortal Sins Trailer [announced by John Goodman]
  • Babylon 5 trailer [announced by Brian Cummings]
  • Midnight Sting trailer
  • VSC PG Warning (Warner Home Video) (1991) [announced by John Cleese]
  • Stay Tuned title card with BBFC PG card (1985-1997)

Closing (Rental 1993 Re-release)[]

Trailers and info[]

Rental 1993 Re-release[]