TUGS - High Tide, Warrior and Big Freeze is a UK VHS release by Castle Vision on 6th August 1990.

Episodes Edit

High Tide Edit

The Stars and the Z-Stacks are both competing for a big steel contract. The fleet that can transport the most steel in one day, wins the contract. The canal is a shortcut through Bigg City but Big Mac of the Stars decides to go round the bay and let Zeb and Zak of the Z-Stacks take the shortcut through the canal. At first Warrior of the Stars is confused by Big Mac's idea for both of them to go round the bay, but as you'll see the shortcut through the canal wasn't necessarily the best route.

Warrior Edit

Warrior has always had the reputation of being a little clumsy, but on this day he sets out to prove to Captain Star that he is capable of working without causing accidents. However, on his usual trips between the quarry and the old quayside he is as clumsy as ever and is told to report to Captain Star to answer to the many complains about the damage he has caused. On his way to see Captain Star, he hears that Ten Cents is in danger, so he goes to help him straight away. The day has been a disaster so far, but will it end that way?

Bigg Freeze Edit

Every winter the big liner Vienna would come to Bigg City Port to pick up supplies and re-fuel. This year however, the harbour was frozen over, so the tugs have to take supplies out as far as Lillie the Lightship, as this was as near as a big ship like Vienna could get to the harbour. Problems begin when Lillie the Lightship runs out of fuel and things just start getting worse when the Z-Stacks show up.

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