TUGS - Jinxed, Quarantine and Up River is a UK VHS release by Castle Vision on 6th August 1990.

Episodes Edit

Jinxed Edit

In the estuary late one evening Ten Cents and Sunshine came across a tug named Boomer, who was just drifting along hoping to be run down by a big ship and sunk because he was extremely unhappy. Things were always going wrong for Boomer and he felt sure that he was jinxed. Ten Cents and Sunshine do everything they can to help Boomer but the jinx always strikes and nothing goes right. One day Captain Star's patience runs out and he orders Boomer to be taken to Lucky's Yard, where tugs are either repaired or scrapped. As Boomer no longer needs any repairs Ten Cents and Sunshine fear the worst.

Quarantine Edit

It has been one of the hottest weeks of the summer. In such hot weather, there was a greater danger that ships might be carrying diseases. If this was the case, the ships would have to go into quarantine for several days and wait out in the estuary, away from the harbour. Under no circumstances should any of the tugs go near the ships in quarantine. Ships in quarantine fly the yellow flag. When the old tramper, Nantucket, lowers its flag, a great deal of confusion is caused and only wise old O.J. understands why.

Up River Edit

Towing huge piles of logs was always a very dangerous operation. When the snows began to melt and the rivers swelled it added to the danger. Because of the sudden rush of water that it could cause, log jams had to be carefully untangled. One day, a particularly nasty log jam had occurred and Big Mac was being helped by Sunshine to try and clear it. Before Big Mac could stop him, Sunshine rammed into the high log jam and found himself trapped. Ten Cents arrives to help Big Mac free Sunshine, but one false move could spell disaster.

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