TUGS - Munitions and 4th of July is a UK VHS release by Castle Vision on 21st November 1988.

Descriptions Edit

Munitions Edit

During the annual manoeuvers, both Bigg City tug fleets service the navy. It is a dangerous job, handling ammunition and explosive barges. All is going smoothly until Bluenose, a bossy naval boat demands immediate priority with a barge-load of gasoline barrels. O.J., the oldest of the Star Tug fleet, warns that it's dangerous to stop the operation half-way through, but Bluenose insists and pushes in roughly. The movement knocks barrels of gasoline off the barge and they split open, spilling their dangerous contents. A spark from Bluenose's stack starts a series of fires and explosions which puts all the tugs in great danger…

4th of July Edit

Lillie Lightship is sad. Moored out of the harbour to guide boats and keep them out of danger, she never gets to see the Regatta. In spite of Lillie's warnings, a tramper sees her too late and hits her, making a large hole in her side. The Star tugs rescue her and she is towed into the yard to be mended, from where she sees the exciting, colourful regatta parade, with barges decorated by dockland firms, cranes, and buildings festooned with banners.

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