TUGS - Sunshine and Pirate is a UK VHS release by Castle Vision on 21st November 1988.

Episodes Edit

Sunshine Edit

It is the 1920s: Rival tug fleets compete for work in Bigg City Port. Captain Star briefs his Star Tugs – he's trying the regular contract to dock The Duchess ocean liner. It'll be a difficult job but to help out, the captain has recruited Sunshine, a small switcher. The rival Z-Stacks are encouraged by their devious Captain Zero to sabotage the operation. Their leader Zorran runs Big Mac aground, and nudges Sunshine into The Duchess's stern, swinging her dangerously. Captain Star orders Sunshine's dismissal, but he runs away, and is lost in the harbour in a thick fog.

Pirate Edit

Ten Cents delivers his last cargo barge to the Old Quay after a very busy day. As night falls, it is towed away by a mysterious boat. Captain Star is cross to hear that one of his customer's deliveries is missing and puts Ten Cents on dredger detail – not a pleasant task. But Grampus, a small submarine, sees another barge being stolen at night, so Captain Star and Captain Zero join forces to find the thief....

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