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The Beano Videostars is a UK VHS release by PolyGram Video on 10th October 1994.

Description Edit

THEY'RE BACK! The world's wildest boy, DENNIS THE MENACE, and his fellow stars from THE BEANO comic return in sparkling cartoon animation to follow up the highly acclaimed first BEANO VIDEO.

As well as Dennis's dogs, those toothy terrors GNASHER AND GNIPPER, you can enjoy the mischief of MINNIE THE MINX, classroom chaos with THE BASH STREET KIDS and way-out western fun from those greedy THREE BEARS.

And that's not all! Introducting for the first time in animation, high speed hilarity from BILLY WHIZZ plus a little girl who's big trouble - IVY THE TERRIBLE.

(Hey! Why are you reading this? You've got a great video to watch!)

Episodes Edit

  1. Dennis and Gnasher in The Snowman Army
  2. Minnie the Minx in Jelly Babies
  3. The Bash Street Kids in The New School
  4. Minnie the Minx in It's A Dad's Life
  5. The Three Bears in Bag Those Pipes
  6. Ivy the Terrible On Safari
  7. Gnipper in Flutterby
  8. Dennis Meets His Match
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