The Care Bears Adventures in Wonderland is a UK VHS release by MCEG/Virgin Video on 5th November 1990. It got re-released by 4 Front Video, VVL and Karussell on 15th March 1993 and 24th April 1995.

Description Edit

Cast Edit

  • Bob Dermer as Grumpy Bear
  • Eva Almos as Swift Heart Rabbit
  • Dan Hennessey as Brave Heart Lion & Dum
  • Jim Henshaw as Tender Heart Bear
  • Marla Lukofsky as Good Luck Bear
  • Luba Goy as Lots-A-Heart Elephant
  • Keith Knight as White Rabbit
  • Tracey Moore as Alice
  • Colin Fox as the Wizard
  • John Stocker as the Cheshire Cat & Dim
  • Don McManus as the Caterpillar
  • Elizabeth Hanna as the Queen of Wonderland
  • Alan Fawcett as Flamingo
  • Keith Hampshire as Jabberwocky (aka "Stan") & the Mad Hatter
  • Alyson Court as the Princess of Wonderland

Uncredited Edit

  • Jack Angel as Robots
  • Corey Burton, Peter Cullen, Phil Hartman, Tress MacNeille, Rob Paulsen as Additional Voices
  • Keith Scott as the Kangaroo
  • Jimmy Hibbert as One of the Royal Guards

Credits Edit

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