The Dark Half is a UK VHS release by 20:20 Vision on 11th July 1994 and Columbia TriStar Home Video on 6th March 1995.

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  • Timothy Hutton as Thad Beaumont and George Stark
  • Amy Madigan as Liz Beaumont
  • Michael Rooker as Sheriff Alan Pangborn
  • Julie Harris as Reggie Delesseps
  • Robert Joy as Fred Clawson
  • Chelsea Field as Annie Pangborn
  • Royal Dano as Digger Holt
  • Rutanya Alda as Miriam Cowley
  • Beth Grant as Shayla Beaumont
  • Kent Broadhurst as Mike Donaldson
  • Tom Mardirosian as Rick Cowley
  • Glenn Colerider as Homer Gamache

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