The Hoobs - Finding Out is a UK VHS release by Columbia TriStar Home Video on 16th April 2001 and it got re-released by Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment on 7th April 2003.

Trailers and info

Original 2001 release

  1. Video Piracy Warning (Columbia TriStar Home Video/2020 Vision)
  2. The Columbia TriStar Home Video children's trailer from 2000 with clips of "Stuart Little", "The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland", "Muppets from Space", "Mopatop's Shop", "Bear in the Big Blue House", "The Worst Witch", "The Muppet Show", "Madeline", "Annie" and "Oliver".
  3. The Hoobs 2 Videos (Watch Out for The Hoobs on Video) (Long Version)
  4. Tumble Tots 2000 UK TV Advert
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