The Jewel of the Nile is a UK VHS release by CBS/Fox Video on 1986.

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  • Michael Douglas as Jack Colton
  • Kathleen Turner as Joan Wilder
  • Danny DeVito as Ralph
  • Spiros Focás as Omar Khalifa
  • Avner Eisenberg as Jewel
  • Hamid Fillali as Rachid
  • Daniel Peacock as Rock Promoter
  • Holland Taylor as Gloria
  • Guy Cuevas as Le Vasseur
  • Peter DePalma as Missionary (as Peter De Palma)
  • Mark Daly Richards as Pirate
  • The Flying Karamazov Brothers
  • Paul David Magid as Tarak
  • Howard Jay Patterson as Barak
  • Randall Edwin Nelson as Karak
  • Samuel Ross Williams as Arak
  • Timothy Daniel Furst as Sarak

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