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The Phantom of the Opera is a UK VHS release by Castle Vision on



  • Robert Englund as Erik Destler, The Phantom of the Opera/Mr. Foster
  • Jill Schoelen as Christine Day
  • Alex Hyde-White as Richard Dutton
  • Bill Nighy as Martin Barton
  • Stephanie Lawrence as La Carlotta
  • Molly Shannon as Meg (New York)
  • Emma Rawson as Meg (London)
  • Terence Harvey as Inspector Hawkins
  • Nathan Lewis as Davies
  • Peter Clapham as Harrison
  • Yehuda Efroni as The Rat Catcher
  • Terence Beesley as Joseph Buquet
  • Mark Ryan as Mott
  • Nancy Fontana as the singing voice of Christine


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