The Princess and the Goblin is a UK VHS release by Entertainment in Video on 20th September 1993.

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  • Sally Ann Marsh - Princess Irene, the sweet and courageous princess of the castle
  • Peter Murray - Curdie, a mining warrior boy. (Paul Keating did his singing voice.)
  • Rik Mayall - Prince Froglip, the evil Goblin Prince.
  • Claire Bloom - Great Great Grandmother Irene
  • Joss Ackland - King Papa, Irene's father
  • William Hootkins - Peter, Curdie's father
  • Roy Kinnear - Mump. This was Kinnear's final screen role released, following his death on September 20, 1988.
  • Robin Lyons - Goblin King, Froglip's father
  • Peggy Mount - Goblin Queen, Froglip's mother. This was Mount's final film role.
  • Victor Spinetti - Glump
  • Mollie Sugden - Lootie, Irene's nanny

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Rental 1993 Re-release Edit

  1. Wind
  2. Peters Friends
  3. Into The West
  4. Video Piracy Warning (Entertainment in Video)
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