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The Way of the Dragon is a UK VHS release by PolyGram Video on 15th March 1993.



  • Bruce Lee as Tang Lung
  • Nora Miao as Chen Ching-hua
  • Paul Wei as Ho
  • Tony Liu as Tony
  • Unicorn Chan as Jimmy
  • Chuck Norris as Colt
  • Chin Ti as Quen
  • Robert Wall as Fred
  • Hwang In-Shik as Japanese karateka
  • Wu Ngan as Waiter
  • Robert Chan as Robert
  • Tommy Chen as Thomas
  • Malisa Longo as Italian beauty
  • Anders Nelsson as Thug
  • Andre E. Morgan as Restaurant guest
  • John Derbyshire appears in the film briefly as one of the mafia thugs.