The Wombles - 13 Great Episodes is a UK VHS release by 4 Front Video and Castle Vision on 15th March 1993.

Description Edit


An hour or more of magical fun!

The Wombles are the most famous residents of London's Wimbledon Common. Like the other Wombles around the world, they have given themselves the job of tidying up after human beings and re-cycling all the rubbish that they find such as tins, bottles and old bicycle parts to make useful things to use in the burrow.

Episodes Edit

  1. Weighing In Time
  2. Musical Wombles
  3. Wombles & Ladders
  4. Orinoco & The Ghost
  5. A Game Of Golf
  6. North, South, East, West
  7. The Picnic
  8. Games In The Snow
  9. The Snow Wombles
  10. What's Cooking
  11. Spring Cleaning Time
  12. Marrow Pie
  13. The Cement Mixer

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