Video Times - October 1989 is a UK Magazine release on October 1989.

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58-page glossy full colour UK video magazine with a Clint Eastwood "Dirty Harry Cleans Up!" cover and 4-Page feature, Features on Joan Collins (4-Pages), The Hillside Stranglers (2-Pages), David Cronenberg Interview (3-Pages), Martin Stellman Interview (2-Pages), Full-Page UK Trade Adverts for Bill Murray in Scrooged, Marlee Matlin in Bridge To Silence, Deadly Intent, My Left Foot, Bronson Kinjite, Lenny Henry Live (and 1-Page Interview), The Blob, 1969, Dead Bang / They Live, The Dead Can't Lie, The Gunrunner, Gore Vidal's Billy The Kid, Dial Help, GBH, Masters Of The Universe (back cover) and much more.

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