Video Today - July 1986 is a UK Magazine release on July 1986.

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Rare Video Today UK magazine from 1986, full of wonderful memories from the glory days of video shops. Packed with great articles and photos, including;

Michael J Fox, EastEnders, Spike Milligan, Zombies (The Return Of The Living Dead, The Evil Dead), The A-Team, The Goonies, Gregory Peck, The Supergrass (Adrian Edmondson, Nigel Planer), Re-Animator (Jeffrey Combs), Ray Bradbury's Nightmares (Jeff Goldblum, Drew Barrymore), Fletch (Chevy Chase), Jennifer Saunders, Ray Milland and much more.

Also contains smaller items with photos on Helen Slater, Five 5 Star, Johnny Depp, Bette Midler, Jamie Lee Curtis, Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Robert Smith (The Cure), Jobeth Williams, Kelly McGillis, Nastassja Kinski, Troll, Faye Dunaway, Chuck Norris, Meryl Streep, Charley Boorman, Julie Walters, Duncan Preston, Burt Lancaster, Patrick Duffy, Cindy Pickett, Toyah Wilcox and more.

With a review and small photo for the video releases of The Legend Of Billie Jean (Helen Slater), Ladyhawke (Michelle Pfeiffer), The Goonies (Sean Astin), Honeyboy (Morgan Fairchild), The Sisterhood (Diana Scarwid), Yellow Hair And The Fortress Of Gold (Laurene Landon), Beverly Hills Connection (Lisa Hartman), Sweet Dreams (Jessica Lange), Hot Water (Suzanne DeLaurentis), Crypt Of The Living Dead (Andrew Prine), Mausoleum (Bobbie Bresee), Massive Retaliation (Tom Bower), Cowboy (Ted Danson), The Train (Burt Lancaster), Fists Of Steel (Daniel Green), The McConnell Story (Alan Ladd), Martin's Day (Richard Harris), An Indecent Obsession (Wendy Hughes), Agent On Ice (Tom Ormeny), Rage (George C Scott), False Witness (George Kennedy), Out Of Order (Gotz George), A Case Of Libel (Daniel J Travanti), The Strongest Man In The World (Kurt Russell), Summer Rental (John Candy), Once Upon A Mouse and more.

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