Video for You - Issue 12: 1986 is a UK Magazine release on 1986.

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24 page glossy full colour UK video magazine with a Tom Cruise & Kelly McGillis Top Gun cover and Tom Cruse star profile, single-page poster video trade adverts for Sven Hassel's Wheels Of Terror / The Gate / The Video Dead from Medusa Home Video, She's Gotta Have It, The Gladiator starring Ken Wahl, Nobody's Fool starring Rosanna Arquette & Eric Roberts, Paul Newman & Tom Cruise in The Color Of Money, Stripped To Kill, Pals starring George C. Scott, The Whoppee Boys, Personal Services starring Julie Walters, Walt Disney's Pinocchio, Streets Of Gold starring Klaus Maria Branduer, When The Wind Blows from Raymond Briggs, Peggy Sue Got Married starring Kathleen Turner, a back-cover poster for Clint Eastwood starring in Heartbreak Ridge and much more.

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